26 02, 2024

Retreats in Tusimba 2024

2024-02-27T11:53:37+03:00February 26th, 2024|Featured, Professionals, Retreats, Students, Young Professionals|0 Comments

Spiritual Retreats in Tusimba 2024 The following spiritual retreats have been organized in Tusimba for 2024. Priests 22-Jan to 26-Jan High school Students 25-Jan to 28-Jan University Students 07-Mar to 10-Mar 12-Sep to 15-Sep Booking & Enquiries: Arnold (+256 756 105138) Young Professionals 14-Mar to 17-Mar 24-Oct to 27-Oct Booking & Enquiries: Peter (+256 [...]

4 03, 2022

Professionals Retreats 2022

2022-08-04T12:34:23+03:00March 4th, 2022|Professionals, Retreats|0 Comments

What is a Spiritual Retreat? A spiritual retreat is an important break, a few days spent in prayer alone with God. It is the spiritual equivalent of an annual car inspection or medical check-up: time in the presence of God, examining our Christian lives to try to see where we're at and how we [...]

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