Bugala @25

On October 31st 1996, the first male members of Opus Dei arrived in Kampala to start the Work with men. It was not until almost a month later, on November 24th that this group moved into a house which was to be the first men’s center of Opus Dei in Uganda. The center was called Bugala; named after the largest Island on Lake Victoria.
2021 marks 25 years since this ambitious dream of bringing the message of Opus Dei to the Pearl of Africa began. Needless to say, this is a time of gratitude and reflection for the faithful of Opus Dei in Uganda. Gratitude to God for the many people that have been inspired by the message of the Work, and reflection on the grace and mercy of God through the generosity of many people.

We invite you to join us as we reminisce the 25 years of Bugala and as we dream even more ambitiously about what the next 25 years could be like if we are more generous with our prayer and self-giving.

To celebrate, Bugala has prepared monthly activities of various kinds to take place online and some hopefully physically depending on the situation of the pandemic. First up to kick off these celebrations, on Friday 3rd September 2021, we shall have an online Meditation preached by Fr. Silvano Ochuodho, the Regional Vicar of Opus Dei in East and Southern Africa, followed by a get together with Prof. Izael Pereira da Silva who was one of those present at the beginning of Bugala.

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